Professional Services Team Services

ample experience in the maintenance and repair capability to cover many types of machine

Covering models across more than 30 kinds mainly are machinery and laser drills.

Main types of machine Machine drills
Laser drills

Call Center Organization

Accelerate reflecting problem and processing speed in order to improve customer satisfaction.

Receiving the information customer’s complaints on the system recorded cases

Handling of inquiry and complaints

Transferring problems concerned to second-tier professionals

Conducting the satisfaction surveys after machines repaired


Familiarity and understanding of the actual situation of the customer

Visiting customers to discuss contractual matters

Assisting the technical service department of case processing

In reply to customer complaints closed

Online answering the machine problems inquired by customers

Dispatching engineers to handle the problem which cannot be handled online

Requesting customer service officers or supervisors to assistant handling of the cases which cannot be handled



Conducting machine maintenance problems

Learning of professional and technical capacity of other machines

Being trained to become the new customer service officers or the new chief of technical expert