• Corresponding to Large Substrate--Desktop Modification
    The Corresponding Solutions of High M.L.B / HDI / HLC products for Large-Size Substrate Processing
    Generated Economic Benefits
    Technology Roadmap for PCB Industry
    The Purpose of Desktop Modification
    Modification purpose: The current HITACHI driller corresponding to large-board processing
    Taking 6N210 as example: “6” refers to 6-axis drill; N is TYPE; 21 refers to the space between SPINDLE and SPINDLE is 21"; O for Z-axis is the uniaxial single-motor structure.
    6N210 modified to 5 axes, the processing substrate width becomes 25.1”.
    Because processing substrate width exceeds 538mm, the machine of 6N210 can only use 3 axes for processing, and high proportion of scrap; for proposal to carry out the modification of existing machines, five-axis processing can be made simultaneously.
    Processing Solutions