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    Small Bore Diameter/High-Accuracy Drilling Processing Solutions

    High-speed Spindle Model: F16P

    Processing efficiency can be upgraded 15~25% (ND-L TYPE/H501A, H912B Modification)
    Corresponding to small bore processing fields (Drill φ0.2mm)
    Corresponding to the lowest speed, 15Krpm (large-bore wear and increasing operating life)

    Small-diameter processing quality UP Model : ATBC P.F

    Processing positioning accuracy UP
    Bore quality upgrading

    Output upgrading

    Processing conditions Feed rate UP
    High Thick Cooper PCB Processing

    F16P Spindle Equipping

    Technology Roadmap for PCB Industry

    Spindle Model No. : F16P Features


    Substrate φ0.1mm
    Entry material: thickness--0.1mm (BT-NX A-HS Cu5um)
    Spindle 300,000 bores
    Substrate: HITACHI ND-6N210E/M-30D
    Entry material Speed--200Krpm, drilling speed--1.65 m/min, operating life--4,000 bores
    Processing conditions Spindle speed--300Krpm, drilling speed--1.90 m/min, operating life--4,000 bores